Pest stationary snails

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Pest stationary snails

Beitragvon MasterBlaster » Sonntag 9. Februar 2020, 09:41


With the introduction of Sangokai Balance system as well as improved water quality management (resulting in a low nutrient system) I noticed an explosion of some inverts(non-vertebrates).Usually I don't worry about animals that can be possible pests as they are part of the ecosystem and most can be managed by other species but this type of stationary snail just exploded all around the tank and the sump.

I am curious if you know what species it is and how might I combat it's explosive growth in numbers.


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Re: Pest stationary snails

Beitragvon Thor » Sonntag 9. Februar 2020, 11:39

These are Spirorbis spirorbis or similar animals:
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